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Dirty Sound Magnet + Special guests

Dirty Sound Magnet

Psychedelic Rock power trio that will blow your mind away with its unique multi-faceted compositions and virtuosity.

From catchy rock’n’roll high-energy rock songs to shamanic psychedelia, a Dirty Sound Magnet show represents an amazing experience for any music lover. At any time, an outburst of raw electrifying energy can transform into emotionally overwhelming and mysterious landscapes made of complex colourful layers. The eye sees three musicians while the ear hears an orchestra. And every night the music is different…

In april 2017, the song Homo Economicus won the award in the category best Swiss rock song 2017 and got radio airplay in several countries. Ever since, the band has embarked on a never ending tour around Europe filling up venues and festivals. The album Western Lies was released on May 12 earning praize from both critics and audiences.

The album denounces our capitalist society sarcastically and metaphorically. The atmosphere is dark, disturbing and full of mysticism. Hints of film music, inspired and powerful rock songs, electronic loops, unique guitar solos and dreamy melodies will take the audience on an unexpected spiritual journey.

Western Lies is a DIY project. During one year, the musicians isolated themselves from the outside world in their self-built studio to create their very own sound. On every level, the experimentations led to a unique album. The songwriting, the sound and the atmosphere that shines on Western Lies are beyond classification. Let’s call this genre Mystic Rock or Creative Rock.


"Lots of potential to be as big in the UK as the heights they reached in the Italian charts" - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

Hailing from Italy and now residing in South East England, exuberant alt-rock three piece Dramalove are looking to build on the chart and TV success gained in their native country in the UK. The band have a magic that that is married to the most successful rock bands of recent times- Muse, Royal Blood, Imagine Dragons- of being heavy and authentic yet accessible and catchy, merging guitar based rock with electronic angularity and darkly poetic lyricism.

Whilst steadily building a catalogue of original material, Dramalove quickly gained notoriety around Italy for their look, their sound and frantic live shows. This energy and dynamism propelled them to the semi-finals of X-Factor in Italy (where instruments are encouraged!) The band teamed up with artists such Skin from Skunk Anansie and Mika. Having experienced numerous achievements such as a single in heavy rotation on MTV and #7 on iTunes italian chart (“Stelle”, released by BlissCo) they then decided to give their career a different boost by restarting abroad.

Forrest Flowers

Forrest Flowers is a community first driven DIY music project for a disillusioned audience who are concerned about the state our world is in and the disparity between voices. Fighting issues such as equality, immigration, classism, poverty & addiction, Forrest Flowers’ dark humour and use of pop references twist our attention to what’s really going on. A floundering ruling class up against the ever-growing angry masses.

Estelle Mey

While the Icelandic weather and the country's contrasting landscape imbued her rock with a dreamy and otherworldly quality, the British weather has had a profoundly different influence on the French singer-songwriter's sound.

Based in London now, powerful riffs emerge from deep within the raw and distorted growl of her baritone, accompanied by the heavy, thumping, rhythmic beats of Neil Price on the drums.

Her influences come from a combination of Nine inch Nails, PJ Harvey, Nina Hagen, Björk and The Pixies but also The Jesus Lizard, The Melvins or Nirvana for the raw quality of her rock.