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SPH Band Contest First Round // London

See the best newcomer bands live!

Expect an exciting night full of live music with amazing musicians competing for the next round.

Vote for the best bands and decide which bands you want to see in the next round. The overall result will be composed of 50% the specialist jury’s and 50% the crowd’s votes.

The SPH Bandcontest one of the biggest contests for upcoming musicians in the world with more than 1,500 participating bands and 500 concerts every year.

We award our bands every year with equipment and services (instruments, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, in-ears, merch, online distribution, etc.) even before the final.


Your stage. Your sound. Your chance.

Ben Lester
Dr. Kelson
Eddie Monroe
Flying Tailor
Hollie Thubron

Program and further information:

The link provides further information on the bands, youth protection/admission and the entrance fee. Furthermore, you’ll find the concert flyer and the review after the concert.