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Rick and Morty Pub Quiz

Let's get quizity wrecked! 

Do you know of the Gear Wars? Or that calling out "Glip Glops" is a no-no? Are you a genius or a Jerry?
Let us know when you portal your way down to the Rick and Morty Paperless Pubquiz at the Macbeth of Hoxton on December 17th.

We will have a night more fun than a weekend at Blips and Chitz with a grand prize more valuable than the recipe for concentrated dark matter.
You'll get more chances to win prizes when you SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT in the costume competition, Rick and Bingo and other bonus rounds.

As so much paper gets used in pub quizzes across the land, we at the Macbeth think it's time for something new. So how about a Paperless Pubquiz!?!

To take part in the main quiz at least one member of each team will need to bring a tablet/smartphone with Facebook messenger installed to the event.

Here's a brief explanation of how the Paperless Pubquiz will work:
- During the start of the event you add a Facebook account (that we'll create for the quiz) to your Facebook friends
- Your team will then create a group on Facebook messenger, then add any/all of your team members and the Facebook account mentioned above
- During the quiz you'll answer all questions via your teams messenger group
- To ensure no one just looks up the answers on google, the questions will be presented in a way that makes it impossible to google (photos, audio and video clips), the more basic questions will have a set time limit.

So get schwifty with the rest of us at the Macbeth of Hoxton and be the Rickest Rick and Morty fan there is.

No teams larger than six lifeforms.
Tickets £5 per person
Doors Open 5:00pm-10:00pm